Welcome to the Amphoria website. This is the personal website of David Metcalfe and contains a number of sub-sites dealing with areas of interest to me. The sub-sites can be accessed from the menu above, the sidebar to the right, or from the headings below.

Prime Numbers

I have an interest in Prime Numbers and am a member of Riesel Prime Search (RPS). There is a list of Top-5000 prime numbers kept by Prof. Chris Caldwell and my Top-5000 prime entries are recorded here.
My main interest is in Riesel primes which are of the following form where k and n are positive integers.

k * 2 ^ n – 1

Photo Gallery

Photos taken by me on various holidays and other trips using a number of different Canon SLR’s, digital compacts and DSLR’s. Cameras I have used include

  • Canon Powershot G2
  • Canon EOS 300D
  • Canon EOS 400D
  • Canon EOS 7D