My Primes

The Primes pages record all of the values of k and n that I have searched individually and the prime numbers that I have found. I have also taken part in joint searches with RPS and the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS). You can navigate to the pages from the menu above or the links to the right.

On the Primes pages a value of n in square brackets indicates the highest value of n to which I have searched for a given range; the range start (if applicable) is in italics. The tables also indicate whether I am still working on each value of k. A link indicates primes that were confirmed by me but that were originally discovered by someone else and are listed in the Top-5000 prime database.

I am also helping with Operation Megabit Twin – an attempt to find a one million bit twin prime. The project is currently in the sieving phase and the current sieve file and archived factor files from p=45T can be found on this page.